Ultimate Bragging RightsAgency:    Leo Burnett
Role:      Art Director
Year:      2015
While thousands of fantasy football leagues exist, non tapped into the insight of why guys actually play fantasy sports: They do it to brag about who is the biggest football genius.

So we didn’t award things like swag, tickets, or cash like our competitors. Instead, every week gans competed at CoorsLightFootball.ca to win what they really wanted: Ultimate Bragging Rights.

New bragging rights were awarded every week

Trevor got his brag pulled across the sky

Daryl got his brag in neon lights
Mike’s varsity jacket told everyone what he was

Pres’ brag took up 250,000 square feet of top soil 
Alex bragged to an entire city with his own billboard

Garnet’s football brain earned him a big head
Jason let his championship ring do the bragging
Greg was glorified with his own throne
Dave engraved his brag in gold
Steve’s brag was displayed on the wall
Dage bragged in a full-page article
Ben got an ice sculpture in his honor
Corey’s brag was hand-stitched
Adam bragged to his entire neighborhood
Jess starred as a football guru in a commercial